“Key governance areas impacting every citizen’s life, made pleasant and cost effective, would allow us to channel our energies towards a more meaningful purpose. HelpdesQ will support millions towards this.”

Gaurav Bakshi, Founder HelpdesQ

WHY HelpdesQ

There was a time we were frustrated by innumerable dealings with government departments for small aspects of living and exhausted with complex interactions while handling property and various governance matters. Super-tedious legal follow-ups, opaque processes and uncontrollable systems added grief. A few of us were living out of the country or had to travel frequently or simply could not afford time. This made it difficult to handle or troubleshoot situations. After incurring huge costs while juggling and working delays, we analysed the loopholes eventually. This is when we realised our know-how to plan, negotiate and manage resources when it came to legal and administrative work. It is now our expertise that you can avail.

WHO is HelpdesQ

Gaurav Bakshi is an Emerging Citizens Rights Leader and Actor. Gaurav was co-founding member of the historic anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare. He has been seen on 150+ panel discussions and interviews on BBC Worldwide, CBC, CNN-IBN, NDTV, Star News and other national and international media. He is regularly invited as speaker at various places such as IIT, The INK Conference as well as political and social panels. Gaurav and his team work with India’s leading legal, governance and political advisers. He has an MBA from Georgia State University, USA and 15+ years industry experience in the US, Europe & India. As an actor, he has completed 175+ projects on TV, Digital and Print.

HOW HelpdesQ began

It was when Gaurav Bakshi, then an NRI, returned to India from the US and Europe in 2010, he realised how widespread and deep-rooted corruption was in all layers of society. One of the peaceful protest marches organised by him in Noida resulted in his illegal arrest, along with then RTI activist and current Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and others. This garnered media attention, won him the CNN-IBN Citizen Journalist Award and sparked HelpdesQ. He went on to become one of the founding members of the historic ‘India Against Corruption’ movement and was seen widely on media as one of the young faces of Team Anna.

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