Hundreds of Government Grants & Schemes exist for the benefit of Citizens. Often, eligible beneficiaries are unaware of the schemes, eligibility criteria, documentary requirements and procedures. This is our small way to give back to society, by supporting the underprivileged get access to various government grants & schemes.



Income Certificate

    1. Download & fill form/s (as applicable)
      1. Application (For Income Certificate)
      2. Declaration (For Mediclaim)
      3. Declaration (For Income Certificate for Government Schemes)
    2. Attach below listed documents
    3. Submit application along with documents to Taluka Mamlatdars office and note the acknowledgement number for status tracking
    1. One day
    1. Birth Certificate (Self-attested)
    2. School Leaving Certificate (Self-attested)
    3. Voter’s card (Self-attested)
    4. Doctor’s Certificate (Self-attested)
    5. Marriage Certificate (incase of married woman) (Self-attested)
    6. Ration card copy (Self-attested)
    7. Original Income certificate from Village Panchayat / Municipality
    8. Self-Declaration stating the number of family members, part number, serial number, constituency number and name on the electoral roll published in the current year
    1. Application rejection
    2. Disbursement delay
    3. Harassment by officials
    4. Middlemen demands

    If you face any obstacles in obtaining relief, connect with us and we’ll be by your side to assist you.

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