Government Liaisoning
Payment Support & Recovery

We help in payment support related to Government / Semi-government / Statutory Bodies. We sort those complex issues that can take your focus and time away from your work.

Your Problem

Releasing payments for Government Projects can result in never-ending queues, hours of waiting on the phone, tedious issue escalation methods, and complicated process of filing a complaint.

Our Expertise

Our experts engage with the government departments using our proprietary methods.

Your Solution

Payment Recovery is achieved improving your profit margins while you continue to focus on business critical areas.

Payment Support & Recovery

Business or citizens related requirements for procedures, grievance redressal, issue resolution.

Drive increased relief with our advanced engagement model with expertise of solving in critical times.

If you want to resolve a business grievance with any government department related problems, delays, or simply poor response, use HelpdesQ to manage your issue.

HelpdesQ can optimize your time and effort by representing you to solve critical issues faced by you.

Using our relationship and expertise, we push for direct resolution and where required utilize our legal strength. We use our insights that are individually tailored to each case and its unique set of evolving circumstances.

HelpdesQ offers customized solutions across all government departments and schemes and services.

The result? Much needed relief that protect your hard earned money and allow you to focus on your areas of significance and meaning.

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