“Client Testimonials”

Gaurav Bakshi, Founder HelpdesQ

Government Engagement

We would like to record our immense appreciation for the persistent and patient work done by Gaurav and his team. They resolved a fairly long standing real estate issue for us. Their whole approach was proactive and professional and we were updated regularly on the progress. They managed the various stakeholders with a great deal of integrity.

Swathi Reddy Palam Bangalore

Legal, Tax, Compliance

Samoolam recently outsourced all the accounting, bookkeeping, taxation and stock management services at HelpdesQ and this is the best thing that can happen to us in the difficult year of 2020. Our work is now much more organised, everything is streamlined. The VFO is very very helpful to plan and project the growth of the organization. HelpdesQ services are extremely good for all SMEs and NGOs. They provide a complete package of services and also handhold initially to train the internal team. I would highly recommend their services.

Usha PrajapatiSamoolam Crafts & Samoolam Trust l New Delhi

Legal, Tax, Compliance

Overall Gaurav, the reason I wanted to contribute more than what is my budget is because I have consistently found your inputs valuable – if you cannot answer a question immediately, you always find me the appropriate answer and provide valuable advice. The other main reason is because there is a basic trust that I have developed over the course of working with you. I am wary of corporates, I’m wary of sharks and I don’t work for pure financial gain, my end goals are deeper and rather close to my heart. To have an overall HelpdesQ to be able to reach out to regarding almost any query, knowing that it will be handled with integrity is invaluable to me,

Thank you for starting this (helpdesq.in)…living in a country like ours, it is the need of the hour!

Simran Kaur Mrigaya Marketing & Investments (Amrapali – House of Grace)

Consumer Grievance

MMT – I was happy to let you handle it to see how such things could be resolved by the assistance of HelpdesQ. I found the situation was resolved quickly and with minimal fuss. The reason I have not contributed more here is because we are a small hotel with small budgets and I would not have taken on an issue like the MMT issue with a large price tag, it was not worth it to me. However there was a lot of indignation at their total abuse and disrespect, which is why I shared it with you. Now, in the future, I would know what kind of quality assistance to expect from HelpdesQ and hence would bring you projects that I want to fight out!

Simran KaurDirector | Mrigaya Marketing & Investments (Amrapali – House of Grace Guesthouse)

Legal, Tax, Compliance

Samata – some work (towards proposed acquisition) was done but what was invaluable was the advice which was given which saved me from a loss of crores of rupees. I will certainly ask for these services again! I do believe that there should be a consultancy fee regardless of whether the proposal is taken forward or not because that would save me from guessing what is appropriate to pay.

Simran Kaur Director | Mrigaya Marketing & Investments (Amrapali – House of Grace Hotel & Café)

Government Engagement

I got the answers I was looking for from the HelpdesQ… Very prompt replies and they even double checked with the Labour department and clarified a few things too.

Joann Fernandes Mrinq Technologies | Goa

Legal, Tax, Compliance

I wanted to write and thank HelpdesQ for its prompt and thorough RoC compliance service recently provided for our company. The entire team at HelpdesQ is knowledgeable about the common RoC related practices, and exhibited a quick grasp of my requirement from the start. Needed papers were swiftly prepared and provided me with the right information at each stage to avoid common pitfalls later on. Thanks for your very professional work, and I look forward to a continued working relationship in the future.

Varun Chawla Build3 | Goa

Consumer Grievance

I think most people today have been miss-sold an insurance policy or know someone who has been miss sold a policy or a financial product. Even I was. I wrote to the company, the regulatory body, followed up regularly with the insurance company, but was getting no response. Then I met Gaurav who told me about his company HelpdesQ, I thought I should give It a shot. Before I followed up with him, the insurer called me to tell me they will refund my money, not only that I received the money in full within 10 Days!! I couldn’t believe it. Gaurav is extremely professional, honest (very few people will be straightforward with you) and gets the job done. I highly recommend HelpdesQ for any financial recoveries you may have including insurance related recoveries!

Divya Gupta Consultant | Goa

Consumer Grievance

As a senior citizen, I get approached by many banks who are very pushy to sell various products, policies etc, it’s all very confusing & got miss-sold a financial product. I fought with the bank to return my money, visited their office, wrote letters to the higher up but they did not help me. My money was stuck with the bank for 3 years. Then I approached HelpdesQ to help me out. Gaurav was extremely patient with me. His team just took over the mess & regularly updated me about the progress & what I could expect. Within 3-4 months the bank called me to tell me they will return my money and within 14 days after that, the money was in my bank! I couldn’t believe it! I recommend HelpdesQ to anyone who is stuck in a mess with any banks or authorities. Good-luck to HelpdesQ helping people like me.

Usha Gupta Senior Citizen | Gurgaon

Consumer Grievance

I am pleased to report that a very satisfactory resolution of my dispute with the hotel has taken place. I am indebted to Gaurav Bakshi and his team at HelpdesQ.in who engaged the hotel in a professional but firm manner to make them see the problem and have it resolved fairly.
Thank you all too for your support.

Ravi Madan NRI | Canada

Legal Representation

My sister (settled out of the country) and I have been struggling with the paperwork and other legalese of our parents’ house in another Indian State for a while. We connected with HelpdesQ and the team really took the responsibility off our heads! Now, the work (in progress) is transparent, fast, structured and process-driven, which is very unusual in property-related matters.

PS Bhavana Editor-Writer | Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR

Financial Recovery

Helpdesq has been a truly helpful service for me, recovering funds from a past client, which would have been uncomfortable, if not impossible for me to recover myself.

Sapna Sahani Blurb | Goa

Licenses & Permissions

I made a mistake in filling out my online FSSAI registration form and was a little nervous as to go about with making the changes. Dealing with legal documents on a government portal is nerve wracking and complicated. Gaurav assisted me in not only making the necessary changes but in expediting the process. Very easy to communicate and no stress. Would definitely work with Helpdesq with regards to other legal matters in the future.

Nikhil FrancoFood Business Owner | Goa

Legal Representation

I had faced a legal issue a while ago and wanted to complain. But it seemed that lodging a complaint would not happen without bribes and delay of many weeks. Obviously, I was exhausted even to start. But HelpdesQ got my FIR registered in four days (at the Police Station) after I approached them! And the problem got sorted soon.

Birender Singh Retd. Air Force Officer | Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Real Estate

My client had won a consumer case against this realtor for a villa (not handed over) in Goa and despite that, attachment and recovery were on hold for over 3 years. The local authorities were very unresponsive. HelpdesQ helped move the files and the property was attached in very short time. The authorities are now acting to complete the recovery!

AdvocatePanjim, Goa

Consumer Grievance

After selling a property in India, I was mis-sold long-term investments by a Govt. bank, with large commissions. This was my hard-earned money and it meant much! So, after running pillar to post with no progress, I approached HelpdesQ, and in about 9-10 weeks, they got my INR 40 Lakh investment out from the bank, and that too with interest!

DheeraBusinesswoman | Amsterdam, Holland

Real Estate

I had come to India and had less than two weeks in hand to get the TM & Registry for our Greater Noida Property. I approached HelpdesQ to assist. And I was amazed that both the complicated processes were completed in just a few days. It was a huge relief and cost effective, too. I went back without any stress!

AmbikaNRI | California, USA

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